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Broken Car Keys Milton Keynes | Auto Locksmith Milton Keynes

Broken Car Keys Milton Keynes | Auto Locksmith Milton Keynes

Waking up to or closing your day with a broken key situation can be draining and troublesome. Your car key may break in the lock or ignition key hole as a result of wear and tear, a foreign object inside the key hole, or using too much force to turn the key. Unlike other car mechanical issues, you need the knowledge of a professional locksmith to get the broken key out of the key hole. Broken Keys Milton Keynes technicians have been trained specifically on how to use key extraction tools used to quickly and safely remove broken key from the ignition or lock. We are a call away and our prices are the best in the whole of the Milton Keynes area.

Our Broken Keys Tool Kit
Extracting any broken piece from the lock or the ignition requires special tools to enable quick and successful extraction. We have purchased the latest broken key extractor kit, which comes with power tools and accuracy tools and we have trained our technicians on how to use the tools properly. The technicians have a variety of tools to choose from including picking tools, a drill and special tweezers if need be. The choice of the tools to be used depends on the particular problem.

Broken Keys Dos and Don’ts
If you break or snap your key inside the ignition, you may be tempted to extract the key yourself in attempt to save time and costs. Do not act out of panic or fear of high charges. If you don’t have the right tools and the special knowledge to extract broken keys you may end up damaging the lock, ignition, or other parts of the car. Also don’t try to join the two broken pieces and try them on the car. Broken car keys extraction tutorials and videos portray it as a very simple task, but it always requires highly qualified technicians and use of advanced tools to safely remove the broken key piece.

The best thing to do in such a situation is to relax and take your phone and call our technicians to assist you. Within a very short period of time, our technicians will respond with the necessary tools and experience to get your key out and get you back on road.

Will My Ignition Be Dismantled?
One of the biggest concerns for any car owner in a broken key crisis should be the safety of the car ignition or the lock. With our modern tools and experience in our technicians, you can rest assured that your ignition will be safe. We have the right technology to extract any broken ignition key through the keyhole without even disassembling the ignition. If the situation calls for dismantling the ignition or the lock to remove the broken car piece or any foreign body in the ignition, our technicians have the expertise and tools do so and reassemble the ignition within no time. No fear at all. You are in the right hands and we will never disappoint you.

Call us now for safe, faster and affordable broken keys extraction and replacement services.

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